Construction Management Software Solutions


Whether it's repeating or a one time meeting, meetings play crucial part of a project's progress. Keep track of them in one place for all stakeholders to see.

  • Meeting Agenda & Notes
  • Item Due Dates, Responsibilities, Statuses

Punchlists & To-do Lists

Better management of to-do and punch items enables faster project delivery. Easily assign responsibilities and due dates for items.


Manage all of your submittal documentation, attachments and distribution in one place.


Formalize and standardize all of your project communication among stakeholders with proper transmittal forms for your project.

Request For Information (RFI)

Create, Distribute and Maintain Project's RFI documents in one place.

Issue Logs

From short walk-throughs with subcontractors to your project's master issue log, keep all of your project issues under control and tracked for your entire team.

Daily Site Reports

Easily record site construction and site activities to track progress.

  • Site Information
  • Construction Activities
  • Site Deliveries
  • Site Visitors
  • Daily Photos

Project Directory

Whether it's a project professional or a company, keep record of all of your projects' stakeholders information.

Stakeholder Roles & Teams

Easily organize your project stakeholders with custom role and team management options.

Project Task Board

A task board, specific to the project assigned, which all of your platform users could use to increase collaboration and efficiency. Users can easily exchange project tasks with each other, while keeping a proper record for all to stay updated.